Fasting for Fire and Glory

Empowering & Equipping Prophetic Generations



Demetrice Mason

March 12, 2022 @10 AM

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Apostle Demetrice Mason

 is a multi-gifted and ordained Apostle-Prophet with a desire to see every believer provided with the tools needed to unlock key revelations for fulfilling purpose and destiny.

As a trainer and activator, she travels within the U.S.A. and abroad in her call to equip the Body of Christ in the areas of the prophetic, Davidic worship, and intercession/spiritual warfare. When she is not traveling, Apostle Dee (as she is lovingly called) along with her husband, Apostle Royal Mason, lead a phenomenal group of gifted people at Antioch Christian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. 




False Dreams vs. Prophetic Dreams

How to Respond to a Prophetic Dream

Navigating through Dream Language & Symbols

How to Interpret Prophetic Dreams

Prayer & Prophetic Dreams

Authority in Dreamland: Breaking the Power of Night Attacks



Moving from Dull to Delight in Prayer

Introducing Holy Spirit, the Best Prayer Partner

Power & Authority: Winning in Warfare

Types of Prayers

Decreeing & Declaring


Prophetic Word | June 2020

Prophetic Word | June 2020

There's an urgency in the spirit. The Lord is sounding His alarm once again. Intercessors, hear the voice of the Lord. These are the days of the Evangelist, says God. The Apostle and the Prophet have had their day of restoration and now I resurrect the Evangelist! There is a new face, a new grace,...

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Prophetic Word June | 2020

In prayer this week I heard these words, "Unlocking, Uncovering, Revealing." "I am opening closets and locked doors. The secrets are becoming known." I strongly sense things that have not been noticeable and conceivable to the masses are about to be revealed by the Lord. I hear the Lord saying, I...

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Prophetic Insight | Mar 2020

March 26, 2020 My encounters with God since this quarantine have been amazing. There is nothing like prayer and intimate conversations with God. The Holy Spirit is speaking expressively, not only personally, but also about the church. The Holy Spirit said, "I've got you cornered, church!" "I've...

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The teachings will grow you and encourage you in the things of God. The prayers strengths you…..YOU CAN HEAR GOD! helping you build relationship with God, through consistency and relentless communication with the Father, Son , and Holy Spirit!

Radical is stepping out the box of religion, to become the best that God has called you to be! Blessings….

Louise Brinson

Highly anointed prayers graced with Apostolic authority and power! Thank you, Apostle Dee!!!

Angelia Denise Nelson

Yes it’s been a blessing life-changing for me I have truly been blessed first time in my life I surrender all by the prayers the conference the fasting Apostle Demetrice has been a blessing to my life my faith has even got stronger

Dionne Onley

These prayers are powerful and great strategies for overcoming every weak area of your life. You can feel the Power of God being released through these prayers. I love this because it helps you to pray right and accurately.

Thanks Apostle Dee for obeying God and leading the body to become Prayer Addicts!!! Awesome Job!!!

Howard Blake Jr.

If you want to grow closer to the Lord, hear His voice and distinguish it from the voice of the enemy, Apostle will teach you through demonstration and application of the Word to be a fervent effectual prayer warrior. She is a prophet of God, an anointed woman of God.

Roslyn Morris

I recommend everyone listen to Apostle Mason every morning. Learn how to command your morning, how to live in wholeness, how to war and come against the schemes of the devil and how to pray for your love ones and yourself. She’s powerful. I Love this woman of God!

Terry Bishop



Relentless Prayers, Radical Results

Days of Heaven on the earth are possible when you understand the rules of engagement in establishing and maintaining a lifestyle of prayer. As It Is in Heaven will equip you and empower you to partner with the Holy Spirit and release perfect prayers according to the Father’s heart. Radical results will become your reality again and again through the power of Relentless prayers!