There’s an urgency in the spirit. The Lord is sounding His alarm once again. Intercessors, hear the voice of the Lord. These are the days of the Evangelist, says God. The Apostle and the Prophet have had their day of restoration and now I resurrect the Evangelist! There is a new face, a new grace, and a new movement of the gift of the Evangelist rising out of the Spirit of God. I’m bringing them out of the hidden places. I’m bringing them into the light and to the forefront once again. My Apostolic Evangelist shall spearhead this next move and awakening. They shall topple the giants of false doctrine, unbelief, and the rantings of the anti-Christ spirit. The atheist will recant their words.

As I was with Phillip so shall I be with these. Intercessors, increase, and target your prayers toward my Evangelist. Begin to pray for them. Many of them are under attack. Darkness is sending attacks because it fears the word of the Lord. The enemies of my Kingdom are afraid of what’s coming upon the earth. Darkness is afraid of Heaven’s release upon this generation! Evil wants to stop it, but it cannot be stopped. Whenever I’m about to move, darkness attempts to cripple, weaken, and destroy my human vessels and vehicles, those who contain and will execute my plan. But my Evangelist will not be blocked or stopped at this hour.

The anointing of the Apostolic Evangelist shall dismantle the devices of the wicked. As Phillip turned Samaria upside down, so shall my ministers, my flames of fire and glory turn the spirits of the age on their heads! My fire and my glory shall rest mightily upon my Evangelist. For these are the days of William Seymour, Smith Wigglesworth, and Kathryn Kuhlman. As I moved in them and through them I shall do the same and even more says the Lord. Even so, this day shall be unique and different. For this is a different day, a different generation, a wiser generation, a generation with greater revelation than the former. My Evangelists shall do peculiar acts and record-setting acts by my Spirit. The records in Heaven are about to change. These Evangelists will carry an anointing for governmental shifts like never before! The voice and the message of my ministers will be heard. Their voices shall carry a power of reckoning that hasn’t been seen!

Get ready, Evangelist to release the message of the gospel in unique ways. The revelation that shall flow out of the Evangelist will be from the place of intimacy with me, says, God. The revelation shall flow out of the depth and deep place they have been establishing through the years in my presence. No self-made Evangelist will stand in this place. It will not work. My ministers have been handpicked and called by name, I know them! We’ve been together. We know one another. They carry my heart and my passion! They shall preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with a persuasion our world hasn’t seen with notable and undeniable signs following.

Pray for my ministers. Let the church intercede for the Evangelist! I felt the heart and the compassion of God for Evangelists who are disconnected from God at this time. I began to see their hearts. Many of them have felt unwanted, useless, and ignored by the church. The church has made them feel unimportant and their message of no importance. For the Lord says, many in the church and in the fivefold have lost sight on evangelism. They’ve forgotten the main event. The main event has always been salvation and glory. Salvation and glory belong to me, says God. Not just glory. Not just power. Not just gifts. But salvation and glory are mine. My son died for souls, not just for giftings. The souls of men are the cry of my heart, says the Lord! So, I am resurrecting my broken-hearted ministers, I’m dusting off the Evangelist and restoring their souls. Some have turned back and said. ” What’s the use.” You have turned back, says God, but now I bring you back to me! I break off of you, you, the overlooked, abandoned, unused, the unimportant, the hurt, and the broken, I break off of you all that has made you drawback. I restore you by my delivering hand. I am delivering you to become deliverers at this hour. Your fire, your passion, your zeal for me, and for souls be rekindled and restored, now in Jesus mighty name! My Apostolic Evangelist shall represent and demonstrate who Christ is and it will not be stopped. Lift them up before me. Intercede, for this next move shall be led by God’s Evangelists!