In prayer this week I heard these words, “Unlocking, Uncovering, Revealing.” “I am opening closets and locked doors. The secrets are becoming known.” I strongly sense things that have not been noticeable and conceivable to the masses are about to be revealed by the Lord. I hear the Lord saying, I hold the keys to the doors and closets that have stored up evil sayings and dark plans. Time is up and I’m about to unlock what was said and what was planned behind closed doors. “Your secrets are being revealed,” says the Lord! They shall be made known to the masses, to the nations, and to this generation. I’m uncovering what has been, but could not be seen over this nation. Yes, it’s already happening at a level among those who are considered to be the “No Names.” Oh, but wait and see when the revealing happens amongst the names that are known, says God. This shaking, this rumbling in the heavens, is prophesying my moves in the natural realm. This month marks the beginning of my unlocking, my uncovering, and my revealing!

I heard the Lord say, “I am toppling the Top!” Toppling means to become unsteady and fall slowly. The top means the highest position, rank, or degree. As the doors unlock, the closets swing open, and secrets are made known, I see those who have been on top, but have dealt wickedly and unjustly in their places of authority being knocked down by the wind of God! Our region recently had a quick, but mighty thunderstorm. The winds reached a new height and set new records. The storm ended as fast as it came. However, the Meteorologist marveled at the destruction of this storm. One of our prophets told me this quick and powerful storm uprooted trees that were big and old. They killed several people as they toppled. The minute I heard her words, I heard the voice of the Lord say, those who thought they could never be removed and have been in place for a very long time shall be uprooted! They shall topple! The revealing of the wicked in high places shall also uncover the wickedness of many under them. This will happen in our government at every level. I see it happening in the market place, in the church, and in other areas. Many shall gasp at the headlines of the day. Don’t lose your posture of prayer, Intercessors! Don’t be swayed or moved by my dealings. You’re on the right track. You’re on the right course. Keep praying for your nations, your states, your cities, and regions. Keep praying for America! I’m coming through the avenues and portals your prayers are paving for Me!! My will is being done on the earth and in the affairs of men. Continue to decree my unlocking, my uncovering, and my revealing. Watch the Top topple at my breath! The Lord gave me I Samuel chapter 17, David faces the giant Goliath in this passage. Goliath’s battle armor consisted of Bronze. Bronze represents the nature of man. It also represents God’s judgment of sin. God is judging this sinful nature of those at the top that have crushed and harmed many innocent people. They’ve manipulated others to do their dirty work. Many have agreed and conspired with them for the love of money, power, and control! This giant is being judged! David told Goliath, “The whole world will know that Israel has a God when I’m done with you!” The Lord says the whole world will know I am the Lord, your God when I’m done! I am the God of all flesh! I am the Lord over the nations!