As I have recently stated, I have been dreaming frequently these past few weeks. I had a short, but powerful dream this week. This one was not only for me but for the Body.

It’s amazing how quickly the prophetic dream of the Lord comes to us. In reality, my alarm went off and my plan was to get up early and pray. I hit the alarm and said, “5 more minutes, Holy Spirit.” I fall back to sleep and immediately, I’m dreaming. In the dream, I am Wonder Woman! (Now this was exciting)! I am fully dressed as Wonder Woman, but the odd thing is I’m carrying Captain America’s shield. A dark hand appears and tries to take the shield from me. I quickly snatch the shield and I can disappear, so I disappear. I reappear, run and jump and now I’m hovering over the city. I say to myself, it’s time to wake the Avengers!

I leap down to a house and immediately appear inside. The superheroes in the house are all the men who are in leadership in our church. They all are extremely tall. I can tell I have just awakened them. I tell them, “It’s time to war.” Two more men walk into the room who have just awakened, but I don’t recognize their faces. They also are very distinguished in appearance and very tall. One of them was Flash and the other was Superman. While I’m talking to the group of men, the dark hand reappears and tries to take the shield from me again. All the men yell, “Look out!” This time I grab the shield and push my entire arm through the two leather straps that are in the back of the shield, and I’m holding the shield even more tightly. I disappear again. I reappear in the sky. I go back into the house and tell all of the men, “Suit Up!” “Let’s Go!” I immediately wake up. I look at the time. I had only been asleep for 6 minutes after saying, “5 more minutes, Holy Spirit!” I threw the covers back and said, “Let’s hit it, Holy Spirit!” and I went into prayer. This dream has played over and over in my mind and spirit! The Holy Spirit often uses our interests to speak to us, especially in dreams. Anyone who knows me knows I love all the superhero movies.

One of the things I love about the Wonder Woman film is she united with men in the war. She needed them as they needed her. She needed their wisdom and they needed her strength! God used my interest to speak to me. The Spirit of the Lord says, this dream represents several important things concerning the Body of Christ at this time. The superheroes in the dream were Marvel and DC characters. These characters have always been separate in books and films, but in the dream, they came together. The walls of separation are coming down in the Body of Christ even now says the Lord! The walls that have divided my people are falling. I’m doing a great work in the hearts of men in the earth. I am breaking the great divide that has been in place long enough through the spirit of racism! There is a unity I’m releasing upon my people that hasn’t been seen since the days of Azusa, says the Lord. And even in those days, darkness crept in to stop my work because of racism. Not this time, says the Lord! I am establishing my people in this hour with a new foundation and a new organization. The spirit of racism shall be destroyed and annihilated in my church! Hearts are breaking and mental shifts are taking place even now, so continue to pray, decree, and declare the spirit of racism is no more among you. You shall be unified and undivided, says God. For this battle cannot be won as long as my people remain disconnected. You shall unite and fortify with great supernatural strength as one body, one blood, and one holy nation, says the Lord! You are so much stronger than you know when you are unified! Darkness knows it and fears it, but the gates of Hell will not prevail against you says, God! Jesus died for the unified Body of Christ. There is no separation in the spirit!

God is releasing a different and strong spirit of promotion upon men in this hour, especially black men. I prophesied a portion of this word during our most recent Midnight Fire Prayers. The Spirit of the Lord is going to use men of color in many supernatural and natural ways in this next move. In this great awakening, men of color will lead in various ways. They will also link up with all other races and we will see a tremendous outpouring of God’s spirit upon the earth. There shall be a new face upon the Body of Christ. The God of all nations shall be seen as such. Psalms 86:9 declares, “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name.” The Body of Christ will no longer bring shame to the name of the Lord. We will bring glory to His name!

In the dream Wonder Woman was carrying the shield of Captain America. Captain America represents liberty, freedom, justice, and the American way. His strength is supernatural and unmatchable. Obviously, a shield represents protection, safety, defense, strength, and power. These symbols all speak of America. The church must increase in prayer for the nation! As the enemy has worked to cast a shroud over the eyes of Americans through race wars, political lies, deceptions and partial truths against government leaders, financial crisis, sickness, and deaths due to COVID 19, darkness has been working overtime to creep in and steal our religious freedoms, liberties, justice and break our moral-conscious.

The enemy wants to weaken America and make her vulnerable to all of her enemies. America is the greatest and strongest nation in the world because of its Godly principles, Godly people, and democracy. Wonder Woman, who represents Intercessors, has been protecting the shield, which represents America! The prayers of many around the nation have been a stabilizing fortress against the enemies of the nation both natural and spiritual. The enemy continues to seek to steal the shield of America, but the prayers of the righteous avail much! The Lord used superheroes in the dream to symbolize prayer warriors. The power of prayer is supernatural! The power of prayer is unstoppable! Prayer warriors release the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and every spiritual force in God’s arsenal. We have yet to understand the piercing power behind our prayers.

Notice in the dream how all the men yelled, “Look out!” when the hand of the enemy appeared again. The watchmen saw the hand as soon as it appeared. God is sounding His alarm through Intercessors who are on the wall! He has given them the eyes of the eagle! God’s warriors disappear under the shadow of the Almighty and cannot be located, but their prayers are hitting the bullseye of the schemes of darkness!

While the spirit of Jezebel is working to minimize the need for real men and male leadership in our society, God is unifying men and women in the Body of Christ to unite, fight and conquer our enemies like never before! Get ready to see my Deborahs and Baraks rise up and defeat every Sisera, says God!

The battles against darkness may look difficult in the natural, but I have fortified this generation with great weaponry and strategic brilliance in the spirit! The enemy will not be able to figure it out as my men and women unite in this battle. Real women of God shall incite and inspire my men to walk in power and in authority! The men in the dream appeared to be very tall which is a sign of spiritual growth and power. Men are growing up and standing in their positions of authority because of the intercession of women in the Kingdom! The Wonder Woman of prayer, power, and purity have awakened my men of valor!

It’s time to Suit Up and take your cities, your regions, and your government, church! It’s time to increase in warfare and win! The enemies of America will break and bow to the King of Kings! They will lose out at the name of Jesus! Unite, fight, and win this battle for one nation under God! Fight for truth, justice, and the American Way, says the Lord! Avengers + Justice League=The End Game!