I was awakened abruptly after a very vivid prophetic dream this week. Before going to bed, I saw a posting on Face book of the police shooting of another black man and I said to the Lord, “I can’t right now, I just can’t, Jesus.” I couldn’t read the article. I just couldn’t digest another innocent killing. Between 4 and 4:15 AM Tuesday morning, I dreamed I walked into my bathroom as usual and a wind blew my shower curtains back. Standing in the shower with her hand hanging over the shower spout was my mother with her back toward me-no water running. She was wearing a white bathrobe. I was so alarmed because I automatically knew that she was dead. I called out to her and immediately stood in the tub and grabbed her with all of my might. I began praying and the words that came out of my mouth were, “The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me….I command life to come back into this body, now in Jesus Name.” Her eyes opened, but I knew she wasn’t breathing. I began to pray in tongues and immediately her mouth opened and there was a milky white substance in her mouth. I continued to war and then she took a deep breath and was totally revived. When she looked up at me her countenance and response appeared entirely renewed, as if nothing had ever happened. She looked younger and energized. I immediately awakened as we proceeded to step out of the tub. I arose and went into prayer. Here’s what the Holy Spirit began to do and say: I went into the spirit so quickly. I was praying so fast and so hard in tongues I literally said to myself, “You should calm down.” However, it was such a rush! I had thoughts of my own mother rushing through my mind… In just a few minutes, the article I had seen about another black man being shot was posted in my mind’s eye. An overwhelming desire to cry as if I had just suffered a tremendous loss came over me. I was still interceding so intensely, I said, “Lord, if I start crying now I won’t be able to birth this thing through.” I wanted to stay in this flow. I stayed in this prayer flow for nearly 2 hours and had to hurry to get to work on time. The Lord began to speak immediately as I came out of prayer. “Dee, I hear the cries and the pain from the shedding of innocent blood. The blood cries out to me. My heart breaks over the death of the innocent. I HAVE ANSWERED. I’M TURNING THIS THING NOW, but I need Christians who know how to pray correctly to push my purpose into the earth.” I need more Christians praying so that the breakthrough is not delayed.” “Your mother symbolizes my church. My church is in need of a deep cleansing (shower) purification (white robe) and resuscitation (the act of bringing someone or something back to life or awakening them). Many have never been taught how to pray accurately and effectively. For many, there’s no desire to pray because they feel that it produces nothing. They feel powerless and hopeless. It is the fault of many leaders. Yes, many in my church are praying, but I need more of my people to pull the answer from the spirit and push it into the natural.” My church has had a serious heart condition for too long (Pulmonary Edema: the cause of the milky substance in the mouth) But I’m releasing a new wind and a new breath upon my body. My body will be revived in this hour. My church will breathe my breath again! My church will be renewed, refreshed, and revived. For revival will cover the nation, and revival will also begin in my church. But this will come with great EXPOSURE, TRANSPARENCY and INTERCESSION. For truly as you enter the fall season, my church is being provoked to FALL down before me! I’ve marked this season for great prayer, intercession, warfare and repentance. For this next move of intercession shall birth another great awakening and revival for America. The heart condition of my church shall be healed! Break the spirits of Death and Hell that have been released by darkness and witchcraft upon America. Break the cyclical patterns and the stopwatch of death-time released attacks and curses. Burn up the demonic calendar over America! Darkness has been able to get involved and intensify these deaths due to a lack of prayer and no effectiveness of prayer. For I’m turning this thing now! The answer will not be delayed!”

Apostle Demetrice Mason