It’s always been my practice to seek the Lord and hear His voice for the new year.   As 2018 approached I had repeated visions of the scenes in the Zorro movies where Zorro uses his sword to mark walls and doors with his distinct mark, a Z cut with three quick strokes.  Zorro would do this to let everyone know that he was present and also responsible for the aftermath left behind that was usually done to right wrongs or judge injustice.  The Lord pressed upon me He is making His mark this year.  He is signing His name so all will know that it is He who has done the work and He is very present.  2018 is the Lord’s signature moment.

“Truly this is my signature moment says the Lord, for I shall do wonders and acts that will remind the wicked and the righteous that I am God.  All of the earth belongs to me.  The earth is mine and I shall do with it what I desire and what I choose.  I shall make such displays in the lives of men that shall leave many speechless.  For many have said within themselves, “I’ve got it all figured out.” But, many shall eat those words and know once again that I am the Lord, I am the King of glory! And my ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts.  I shall confound and I shall surprise many with what I’m going to do! This is the year where the pure in heart and those with clean hands shall see miraculous works done especially for them and in their honor.  I shall sign my name by my acts of miracles, signs and wonders this year. You will know that this was the Lord’s doing and the work of no other.”

The Impossible has Become Possible

“He made him ride on the high places of the earth, that he might eat the increase of the fields; and He made him to suck honey out of the rock, and oil out of the flinty rock;…” Deuteronomy 32:13(KJV). A rock and a flinty rock are the last things one would consider to bring forth something as moist as honey and olive oil.  It’s just not possible.  Flinty means hard, dark; so dry that it can create a spark if hit by steel.  That’s pretty dry! However, the Lord says, ” But the impossible things shall be possible with me this year.  Out of the hardest cases and situations I shall show off and you will see my display of miracles.  Many will be shocked by my delivering power in 2018.  I am the Bondage Breaker and I will break bondage that has looked to be impossible for so long.  I will solve cases that looked hopeless.  Many have been praying and fasting for a breakthrough in their lives and for the lives of others.  You will see the impossible become the ordinary in the lives of those who have been held captive in areas of darkness for too long.  Salvation and glory belongs to me says God and I will display it like never before.  Your loved ones, your neighbors, your co-workers, the rich, and the famous shall be saved and the Kingdom of God shall continue to advance. The hard cases are being moved to the forefront, solved and settled in a jiffy,quick and easy, just like that!”

A Year of Prosperity, Pleasure & Ease

“Honey and olive oil are also symbolic of the power of the Holy Spirit releasing prosperity, ease and pleasure.  “2018 shall mark great increase in the lives of my people who’ve been pure, honest and clean in the ways of finances and business. Integrity has brought promotion!  You shall increase by divine design and because of the motives of your heart.  The prosperity of the Lord shall be yours!  Let the poor declare I am rich. Those who have struggled with little will increase with much! The struggle is over! Days of ease and pleasures have become your portion.  The promotions of the Lord that began to increase with momentum in 2017 shall continue to swell in 2018.  I am placing chairs and seats of promotion in places for my people.  You shall sit among rulers and kings and you shall have great favor because of the creativity, insight and wisdom I shall release through you.  I extend my promotion, says the Lord!  It won’t make sense to many how my people have qualified for great positions, but it is my good pleasure, says the Lord.”  “The Eternal is seated high above every nation.  His glory fills the skies.  To whom should we compare the Eternal our God?  No one.  From His seat, high above, He deigns to observe the earth and her this skies, stooping even to see her goings on, far beneath His feet.  he gathers up the poor from their dirt floors, pulls the needy from the trash heaps, And places them among heads of state, seated next to the rulers of His people where they cannot be ignored.“Psalms 113:4-9 (VT).

Don’t Count Them Out

“You are going to be amazed at the turn-around that’s going to happen in the lives of those who appear to be “washed-up.”  Pay attention to those whose time has come and gone, says the Lord.  In order to be washed-up, you had to be great at one time or known for greatness in a specific area or skill.  But, now they say you’re finished, done, no longer capable, or needed.  You’re over the hill. But the Spirit of the Lord says, I, the Lord, shall re-establish even some forgotten and older voices in the Body of Christ for my special, unique  and intended purposes.  Their revitalization shall be seen on purpose and a new platform shall be placed under them.  I’m about to show-case, once again, my glory through some pioneers.  I’m not done with them, says the Lord.  For many will say, “Oh, they’re all washed up!” “They’re a has-been!”   But, what has been has not been seen by this generation.  I’m about to prove a point to those who take pleasure in counting others out.  And say not, but I’m old now, I’m too old.  Your age shall be a tool in my hand  and your wisdom shall be my mouth piece.  There’s a new force and a new drive I am releasing in the earth.  The wisdom of the older shall propel the zeal and energy of the younger.  This generation is in need of much wisdom.  I, the Lord, shall release my wisdom in layers and in folds.  I will use the so-called “washed-up to do it.”

No Names & Unknowns

“Let those who with no name have a name and those who are unknown be known!  The unknowns and the no names are going to be known says the Lord.  I will continue to raise-up those that many call nobody’s or unimportant.  They shall trumpet their voices in a variety of ways.  They will represent me well in the earth.  Some will not be able to comprehend or figure out the ways in which I move and flow through them because of their special qualities and uniqueness.  The religious and “churchy” mind-set will be offended.  Purity is the shield of the unknowns and passion drives their purpose.  These are those who cannot be bought or sold.  They don’t fit in and they have no desire to do so.  No man shall lay claim to their name, because all the glory they will give to me only.  This new breed of Christian will not bow to fame and Mammon.  They have paid a high price for the glory and weight they now carry in the spirit.  Their pulling power shall be as a Hulk in the spirit realm.  They shall smash into pieces the dark and diabolical working of demons in the land.  They are bondage breakers, city shakers and system takers!  There is a need for their names to be known and I, the Lord, will make it so.”

Faithfulness to The Prophetic Ministry

“There are blessings beyond blessings being released even now to prophets of purity and to those who have protected the prophetic mantle.  These have not misused or abused the prophetic for self gain nor for money.  I am favoring all who have supported the prophetic, pushed others to excel in prophesying, and those who have trained my people to understand my prophetic anointing.  I am releasing favor to those who have stood against the resistance toward the prophetic ministry, even when it wasn’t popular to do so.  You shall be endowed with great blessing beyond what you can imagine.  Your mind will have to catch up with what I will do for you, says God.  You have taken care of what is important to me.  You covered my friend-the prophet, and you have guarded this great gift.  You have yet to see the effects of what is happening with my church because of the care, attention and advancement of the ministry of the prophet and the prophetic.  You shall receive a prophet’s reward.

Even as the Shunnamite woman befriended Elisha and had all things restored unto her after 7 years of famine by the King’s decree, so shall you receive multiple year restoration in 2018 because you have befriended my friend, the prophet says the Lord.  I am the King and I know you by name.  I know your story.  I know of your obedience to my prophetic words and your motives toward my prophets.  Every loss is now found.  Every delay that seemed to derail you has positioned you for multiple years of restoration.  This same Shunnamite woman received the blessing and favor of the Lord.  Through the words and anointing of the prophet Elisha she bore a son she didn’t ask for, but so desired.  Her promise was attacked by death, but the power of the prophetic was able to resurrect her son and restore him to life. So shall it be with you.  For many have said, Lord, I didn’t ask for this.  You called me to this.  God, this was your will and your design.  You spoke it through the prophet, but now it looks like my promise is dead.  It looks like my prophetic words will never come to pass. Oh, wait and see says the Lord.  I shall finish what I started with you, and I shall restore life and vitality to all that I’ve declared over you through my prophets.  Your destiny is alive.  I breathe my breath of life into you now.  You shall receive the prophet’s reward because of your relationship with the prophet and prophetic ministry.  You’ve sown, you’ve supported, and you believed the word of the Lord! You obeyed the voice of the Lord. You shall prosper and be established in all that I called you to.  Get ready for your reward in 2018.  The prophet’s reward is yours!